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Kevin Keatts Shares Story About Accidentally Being Stranded with Rick Pitino

North Carolina State head coach Kevin Keatts shared a story about the time he and Rick Pitino were accidentally stranded at an airport on the way to Oak Hill Academy to watch a recruit.

Keatts told the story at the Triangle Sports Commission’s Triangle Men’s Basketball Tip-Off on Friday afternoon.

Here is an excerpt:

N.C. State coach Keatts recalled a time when he was an assistant coach at Louisville, and recruiting a prospect who played at Oak Hill Academy in Mouth of Wilson, Va.

A mix up with prospect’s high school coach left Keatts and Louisville head coach Rick Pitino without a ride when they landed at the private airport in Virginia, an hour and a half from their destination.

Keatts was supposed to be responsible for securing the transportation.

“I was thinking to myself, I’ve got Rick Pitino here, and he’s supposed to be going to Oak Hill,” Keatts said. “He’s going to absolutely fire me. So I huddle up with the pilots and I said you’ve got to do me a big favor. You’ve got to get a car and get me to Oak Hill. And I said I don’t care how much it costs.”

Keatts claims he saved his job that day.

“Rick Pitino till this day, he doesn’t even know that story,” Keatts said. “But he will now.”

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