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New Details Come Out About Floyd Central Coach Kevin Spurlock

Josh Moore of the Herald-Leader spent a great deal of time this week investigating allegations made by players against Floyd Central head coach Kevin Spurlock.

Spurlock received a three-game suspension and volunteered to skip a fourth game as a result of the allegations.

Here are some excerpts from Moore’s excellent piece on the situation:

According to players and parents, Spurlock had a heated verbal exchange with a fan in Ashland:

The alleged incident in Ashland stemmed from Spurlock’s disgruntlement with the officials.

“He asked the Ashland coach ‘if they had any better god damn referees’ and that these referees were horrible,” Angie Hurd, Conn’s mother, said. “We’ve heard it for two years, it’s horrible. It’s not something a coach should be saying.”

Hurd alleged that an unknown Ashland fan told Spurlock to ‘Sit down’ soon after.

“And Kevin said, ‘Come down here and make me sit down,’” Hurd said. “The fan hollered ‘Shut up,’ and then Kevin said, ‘Come down here and make me shut up.’ They went back and forth for a couple minutes and for some reason the Ashand fan stopped his tirade or whatever else he was gonna say. Kevin got up from his seat, turned around and faced him and said, ‘I thought you were coming down here? You’re a big man way up there. Are you coming down here? I didn’t think so.’”

Players allege that Spurlock called them demeaning names, such as “chicken sh*t p*ssies”:

Sebastian Tackett, one of three seniors who quit the team, said during another preseason scrimmage that Spurlock huddled the team and addressed them as ‘chicken sh-t pussies’ after they failed to retrieve a loose ball. Missy Jones, the mother of Brady Jones, recalled another game this season in which a player was struck in the eye with an elbow during a scrum and Spurlock used the phrase ‘chicken sh-t pussies’ loud enough for fans in the stands to hear while critiquing his players’ effort. Brady told her that he continued to belabor the incident in the locker room when the game ended.

“He said in the locker room afterward that ‘You’re letting your teammate get raped and molested out there and you’re not even doing anything about it,’” Missy Jones said. “He’s egging these kids on to fight on the court.’

Additionally, players claim Spurlock laughed at them for being injured and at times, even mocked them:

“At halftime of the varsity game while my child was still sitting because he couldn’t dress,” Jo Hall, Hayden’s mother, said. “(Spurlock) threw himself on the floor, grabbed his knee and said, ‘Oh I’m Hayden, I’ve hurt my knee,’ making fun of my child. He’s supposed to be an adult? He’s supposed to be an educator and setting examples for these children? No.”

“After the varsity game was over, in the locker room, he turns around and looks directly at Brady and said, ‘It’s awful funny that y’all are such pussies that when we play a good team you grab your knees,” Missy Jones said. “My son played football for Floyd Central also. He made the All-District team. This child played with his ankles taped in his cleats, his cleats taped to his ankles and a cast on his left arm. He’s not afraid to play.”

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At this time, Spurlock still seems to have the backing of the Floyd Central administration and it’s important to note that he hasn’t told his side of the story, yet.

* Photo was given to the Herald-Leader

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